Latter-Day Game Jam

A game jam for the latter days

And this jam's theme is...

Future-day Saints

The church in the year 3000


Make a game in the allotted time (3/31 - 4/4) and post a link to it on You're free to use any technology, tools or libraries you like. Assets should be original. You retain full rights to your game. Voting takes place the week following the submission deadline on

What is it?

Latter-day Game Jam is a week long game jam celebrating the history, teachings and culture of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Everyone is welcome to participate and create a game.

When is it?

The game jam takes place the week of general conference. We know you've probably gots kids to take care of and a real life, so we allow the whole week to work on your game and create something awesome. Latter-day Game Jam 1 begins Monday, March 31st and ends on Friday, April 4th.

How do I join?

We like to keep this casual. Just create an account at and post a link to your game there with the tag latterdaygamejam2 or ldgj2. is also a good place to find teammates and post progress updates on your game.